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Passing continues to dominate NFL offenses. Heading into Week 8, quarterbacks were averaging a 93.6 passer rating, the highest since 2002, the year the league expanded to 32 teams. The two to one touchdown to interception ratio to wide receivers this season is also the highest over the past 16 years, illustrating the position’s importance […]

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“We’re kind of on this little milestone journey with markets,” said Brent Schutte, chief investment strategist at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Co. “First, we get the economic plan in place, then we have to start to see some of the containment actions pay off. At some point it’s going to be how do we get […]

Chicago went from ranking third in yards in 2018 to

He tossed a career best 38 touchdowns against a career low seven interceptions. At 117.1, he had the highest passer rating of any quarterback in the past three years. The Falcons scored 540 points, tied for seventh most all time.. The Bears signed Robert Quinn to a $70 million contract, hoping he can take some […]

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VOCM is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur with email servers, telephone lines and/or computer delivery, nor is it responsible for destroyed, lost or misdirected entries. All entries must be submitted from a valid e mail account that may be identified by reverse domain name search. The sole determinant of time for the […]

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To ensure local children will be able to read Melody story and learn the lessons in her books, American Girl donated $100,000 in books its two paperback volumes, “No Ordinary Sound” and “Never Stop Singing” to Detroit 22 public library branches, said Julie Parks, a company spokeswoman. Any child who visits the library can get […]

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Webb agreed the hot pink was Douglas’ prerogative. But, he added accusingly, “(G)ymnasts also adjust their uniforms within boundaries sometimes.” Of course, all the American gymnasts wore the same pink leotard. What was Gabby supposed to do, sew or paint stars and stripes on hers? Make her own out of a flag?. wholesale nfl jerseys […]

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The comparisons to quarterbacking luminaries such as Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers were flowing easily on social media and among the TV talking heads as the night progressed. And yes, all of that is so premature. Mahomes is four games into his first season as a starter after sitting around as a rookie and waiting […]

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You kiss the backside of your hand and move your lips to my chin adult toys, I feel your tongue prodding out between your two soft, pillowy lips and you run your tongue along the length of my chin and neck until you reach my nape. Lazily dragging your tongue down my chest dildo, you […]