This 1943 photo shows Ballard High School students and

“These girls every day come out here and work extremely hard,” Connell said. “During practice, they do their warm ups right. Even if the workout is really hard, they go through it and they do what they need to do. Testa, Jacqueline M. Thai, Sean M. Thomas, Cheryl L. Colorado, conversely, scored nearly half of […]

Streep plays Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham and

Even the best theft prevention efforts probably can’t thwart the most dedicated of crooks, and in fact, thieves have been known to use metal snips to remove the entire corner of a plate, allowing them to work on the stubborn stickers in private. Still, PennDOT has to try. Good adhesion is important in any event, […]

Never did it feel like it was burning

Of course dildos, commenters that make the claim that, “if [insert opposite action] was the case no one would be complaining” frequently know that they are making a ridiculous claim. But the false equivalency is an easy argument to use, since it is difficult to refute in an objective way. Because if they knew the […]

A lot of the boys were telling me about it and we finally

On Wednesday, the Bucs announced that they honor the late owner by wearing a memorial patch on their uniforms during the fall. The patch includes the initials “MG” in white letters within a black circular background. It will be seen on the front upper left side of Tampa Bay jerseys starting with the preseason opener […]

Elias Wallace and Eric Marasco had the other Kamloops goals

We can really make a name for ourselves.”MT: What meet do you anticipate most?JS: The Camden Catholic meet. They’ve always been our biggest rivals. They’re in (The Mat Pack) Top 15 and we’re looking to beat them and make a name for ourselves.MT: What do you like most about Paul VI?JS: The people I’m surrounded […]